Sweet Things...

Sweet things... Our cakes are made to share - or eat all on your own! The small loaf cake is the perfect size for either, it's designed to be eaten in one sitting, whether you do that yourself or with some help we'll leave at your discretion.

Our sweet thing range includes... Small loaf cakes: Orange & Almond (Dairy Free), Gingerbread, Apple & Almond (Gluten Free), Plum Torte, Cocounut & Lime and Banana & Blueberry (Dairy Free). Sweet tarts: Cherry & Almond, Apricot & Almond and Treacle Tart. Fruity Brioche, Little Sicilian Lemon Cake (Gluten Free), Hazelnut Shortbread, Super Nutty Nut Brittle, Granola Bars and Pecan Brownies. YUM!

All of our cakes, biscuits and bars, sweet and savoury tarts can be frozen and can even, on request, be packaged. Orders can be collected or we can arrange delivery for a small charge.